Mina Banerji Sandhu directed Bamb Grenade with popular Punjabi Rap-Singer Dil Sandhu

Not really as she never belonged to the glamour industry. May be the destiny had other plans for her, director of reality/fighter/traveller/inspiration. She is none other than supremely talented pretty woman Mina Banerji the director.

While female directors and executives in Hollywood continue to fight for equal representation in the film industry, female filmmakers in India are waging a similar battle against their own country’s long-standing patriarchy. Women filmmakers are challenging the status quo across the wildly diverse landscape of Indian cinema, spanning countless genres and nearly a dozen languages, whether at the art house, regional cinema or within mainstream Bollywood. However, even by the still unequal international standards, female representation behind the camera remains abysmally low.

In spite of all according to Mina – ‘There’s nothing called a male director or female director. A director is a director is a director. I have trust on my creativity, my directorial skills. So, what I’ll be doing, it’s purely on my own,” says a very confident Mina adding that she wants to motivate other females trying to don directorial hat. She’s the girl who has travelled a long way from being working for corporates, travelling worldwide to finally becoming a producer/director

She directed Bamb Grenade with popular Punjabi rap-singer Dil Sandhu. Also handling all Dil Sandhu projects. There are few other interesting projects also which are on way the details of which she will disclose very soon.

Mina’s all-time favourite Bollywood director are not one, There are so many fantastic directors,” says Mina. She usually love to be travelling as love meeting and interacting with new people, explore new cultures and traditions et al, reading books, gardening and listening to good music.

Mina Banerji Sandhu directed Bamb Grenade with popular Punjabi Rap-Singer Dil Sandhu

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